The Opera Group


The Opera Group

Last weekend I was invited to attend an Emerging Composers’ and Writers’ mentoring  scheme, run by The Opera Group at the Guildhall. The weekend was presided over by composer Julian Phillips and librettist Simon Christmas; I hope to write a longer post about the whole event in the next few days, but I’ll sprinkle the teaser words ‘Hogarth’, ‘cake’ and ‘airless Brutalist architecture on the hottest weekend so far, 2011’ down here just to remind me of some highlights.


'An Election Entertainment', William Hogarth (oil on canvas, c. 1755)

I met some fantastically talented writers and composers during the weekend and enjoyed the collaborative process that was encouraged and fostered there. The masterclass highlighted the scope afforded and challenges presented by writing libretto for opera, and it was great to gain a perspective on a sprawling, twangy chunk of potential creative writing that I had never really considered – – more to follow, with links to some of my classmates’ work.

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