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Yesterday I managed to get my mitts on Chemical Imbalances Vol. 7, the most recent from this STARTLING JANGLE OF A JOURNAL. This issue breaks the format of previous incarnations by presenting itself as a two-hander, the essay of a single writer complemented by hand-decorated jackets from artist Francesca Banchelli. If you like the sound of new work from Matt Lomas alongside the words ‘bespoke’, ‘parchment’ and ‘liverspots’, I do encourage you to nab a copy – fruits of a limited print-run are avaliable at Eastside Books on Brick Lane, Donlon Books by London Fields, Big Green Book Shop on Turnpike Lane or Kennington’s mighty Doghouse.

I’ve been lucky enough to sneak a few pieces into previous issues of Chemical Imbalances, one of which I have reworked for a Choose Your Own Adventure-style short story designed for online browsing. It seemed sort of suitable. Complete with hypertext and hidden links, please do ((have a gander)). Hrroop.

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