I have a few readings lined up for July; come along and see exactly where I fall between garbling, gabbling and goggling.


On Tuesday 10th July, Kevin Crossley-Holland, Jim Burns and I will be reading with the good folk of Ambit  journal: it’s also an open mic event, so you are firmly encouraged to bring every single piece of paper to which you’ve ever ink-committed. It’s taking place at SIX FORTY FIVE (6.45) PM at The Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon, and it’s £FREE. Far less than any éclair and so much nicer in your eyes and ears.


Fundraising for Oxfam Bookshops, I’ll be reading at an event with other throated sorts from 4’33” magazine later that week. As a useful symmetry to Ambit’s North London jaunts, this event will be in Balham – specifically, Thursday 12th July, SEVEN (7.00) PM at the Balham Bowls Club. Wittering in pleasant surrounds for good causes: bring your face and gentlest heckles.

The South Circular


I have been remiss in updating hereabouts – in the meantime, I have succeeded in eating no eels but at least one battered sausage, upgraded my MPhil to PhD status and have done some readings.

But! More excitingly! In March, my short story ‘Moonlighting’ was included in the first issue of new e-journal The South Circular. Alongside work by Adrian Duncan, Shane Hulgraine, Eddie Stack and entirely lovely illustrations by Fuchsia Macaree, it’s a great venture run by excellent people. I was plum chuffed to sit within its pages. With Issue 2 available now for €3, and Issue 3 taking submissions until 16th July, please do give it a look: the Issue containing my story can be accessed by clicking the above image.