As a member of Royal Holloway, University of London’s purpureus group, January saw the first of a series of readings of short fiction held in rooms off Gower Street. Writer Ali Smith kindly agreed to put all of our efforts to shame and kept the audience rapt and ready with her short story ‘Last’ from the OxTales: Fire anthology; huge thanks to her and to my fellow readers Ishita Mandrekar, Dimitris Melicertes, Preti Taneja and Emma Venables for making purpureus’ first event such an enjoyment to-the-extent-I-was-apparently-moved-to-perform-Beneficent-Condor-impressions:

Image courtesy of Ben Crowe

Image courtesy of Ben Crowe

Thanks also to Ben Crowe and Aamir Mehar for being on hand to assist. Copies of Ali Smith’s new work Artful are available to buy here, with recommendations to do so to be found here, here, here and here.

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