Earlier this month I was granted space and time in the happy confines of Pentales‘ Berlin topsy-turvial Hemingway Room.




Anchorites don’t get much luckier. A more specific account of my time during the residency can be found here and a recording of my part in the ‘Dreams and Illusions’-themed story night, run by Pentales’ host Louisa Löwenstein, can be seen below:

During this unique Fellowship I was able to immerse myself in the capital and pursue both the Grimm-based and German lexicographical parts of my research, with thanks to intrepid Canadian scholar Danielle Cooper for helping me out around the city. Wonderful surrounds and the encouragement of great, warm people; I owe large and thankful thumbs-up to Louisa and the Pentales team for putting me up / up with me – I hope the work that I was able to produce is testament to the invaluable support that was offered during my stay.

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