As part of the purpureus writers’ scheduled reading events, I recently had the opportunity to co-chair a Q&A with novelist and screenwriter Anthony Horowitz. The evening was attended by undergraduates studying Creative Writing as well as MA students and would-be writers, and the acclaimed children’s author gave a generous and honest account of his work as a commercially successful writer, highlighting instances from his wide-ranging experience of the publishing world. Horowitz’s final book in the Alex Rider series is out in the Autumn, a novel for adults is forthcoming (a sequel to his House of Silk book, endorsed by Conan Doyle’s estate) and he is writing for the newest Tintin film; many thanks for his time and the excellent questions from the floor.

Many thanks to the good people at Wagonalice for their recent Café Stories event held in Farringdon. With coffee-fumed music, film, comedy and poetry, and only mildly threatening bamboo-crafted story-halberds, it was a lovely evening and a pleasure to read a new story. Courtesy of an audience member, here’s a sketch of the participating readers:

Featuring Angus Dunican, Richard Dennis, Matt and Kate Wieteska and Katie Bartholomew, and with thanks as ever to Fiona Williams.

For more tales of woe and joy and teaspoons and froths-up, the Wagonalice team will be trundling through Inverness on the 23rd May: if you’re in the area, consider this not so much a recommendation but a command to attend. If not, please do submit your café-based stories to their website as linked above.



Curated by Lawrence Lek and The White Review, the recent ‘Pyramid Schemes’ project brought together a collection of texts concerned with real and imaginary buildings; I was among one of the sixty invited artists and writers to submit a 100-word piece for the exhibition, responding to the call-out to ‘explore architectures of their own creation’.

From Lawrence’s site: ‘For one night only, an immersive installation at The White Building in Hackney Wick will shape the collected texts into a panoramic cityscape. Please join us on Thursday 2nd May from 7-10pm to celebrate the spectacle of this fictional city. A limited edition of fold-out artists’ books will be produced to accompany the event’. There was, and there were! The publication is also available online on the dedicated site, and will provide much fun for your scrolling mouse-wheel/trackpad sensibilities.

Also scooped from Lawrence’s site: here’s a nifty, pyramid-studded list of participants whose texts were used, and a selection of images from the night.

Darran Anderson ▲ David Bainbridge ▲ Anna Blair ▲ Jorge Luis Borges ▲ Martin Byrne ▲ Jen Calleja ▲ Steven Chodoriwsky ▲ S.J. Christmass ▲ Calvin Chua ▲ Holly Corfield-Carr ▲ Rishi Dastidar ▲ Adrian Dannatt ▲ Alexandre Dumas et al. ▲ Rachel Falconer ▲ Jon Ferguson ▲ Adam Nathaniel Furman ▲ Niall Gallacher ▲ Patrick Goddard ▲ Oliver Griffin ▲ Evan Harris ▲ Rye Dag Holmboe ▲ John Holten ▲ Matt Hutchinson ▲ Miranda Iossifidis ▲ Daniel Ivec ▲ Claire Jamieson ▲ Verity-Jane Keefe ▲ Clare Kirwan ▲ Miles Klee ▲ Alana Kushnir ▲ Léopold Lambert ▲ Patrick Langley ▲ Lawrence Lek ▲ Bella Marrin ▲ Dorrell Merritt ▲ Thomas More ▲ Amanda Oosthuizen ▲ Daniel Rourke ▲ Andi Schmied ▲ Jack Self ▲ Camila Sotomayor ▲ St. Augustine ▲ Viktor Timofeev ▲ Karen Whiteson ▲ Eley Williams ▲ Nathan Witt ▲ Alan Worn

The exhibition dovetails with Lawrence’s essay ‘Pyramid Schemes: Reading The Shard’, featured in The White Review No. 7 alongside works by Luc Tuymans and John Stezaker.