Many thanks to the good people at Wagonalice for their recent Café Stories event held in Farringdon. With coffee-fumed music, film, comedy and poetry, and only mildly threatening bamboo-crafted story-halberds, it was a lovely evening and a pleasure to read a new story. Courtesy of an audience member, here’s a sketch of the participating readers:

Featuring Angus Dunican, Richard Dennis, Matt and Kate Wieteska and Katie Bartholomew, and with thanks as ever to Fiona Williams.

For more tales of woe and joy and teaspoons and froths-up, the Wagonalice team will be trundling through Inverness on the 23rd May: if you’re in the area, consider this not so much a recommendation but a command to attend. If not, please do submit your café-based stories to their website as linked above.

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