GWC 2013



Imperial College played host to this year’s Great Writing International Creative Writing Conference, a two-day event held to hear members of the global writing network discuss their projects and research.

The UK’s Great Writing international Creative Writing conference is a place to share creative and critical work, to explore Creative Writing, and to discuss those explorations with Creative Writing colleagues from around the world. Launched almost 15 years ago, each year the conference welcomes creative writers from all over the world — many of whom work in universities and colleges, or are undertaking graduate degrees in Creative Writing.

I was able to listen to a variety of talks that ranged in subject from David Bishop holding forth on Challenging the Writing Sample: a new approach to recruitment and admissions processes to Dr. Marcelle Freiman on “The page of the mind”: a ‘cognitive turn’ in creative writing. I was presenting on the possible connections between the creative and the lexicographical, where talk of jungftak and mountweazels seemed to square neatly with my fellow panel-member Rob Magnuson Smith‘s paper on the Uncanny Character of Animals in Fiction.

Thanks to Prof. Graeme Harper and Dr. Simon Holloway for presiding over the day, and Annabel Banks for both chairing my session and sympathetically galvanising my creative-critical headcogs in the sunshine.

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