feat. Eileen Myles


Under the aegis of POLYply, poet Prue Chamberlain and I coerced an evening of poetry at the Centre for Creative Collaboration featuring Sophie Mayer, Francesca Lisette, Sophie Robinson and Eileen Myles. Be still the stupid lucky engine of my heart etc.

IAPflierUtterly and embarrassingly enjoyable, thanks to Å pela DrnovÅ¡ek Zorko, Nisha Ramayya, Matt Prout, Emma Wootton, artist Duncan Marchbank, Drs. Will Montgomery and Kristen Kreider and the C4CC staff for the evening’s smooth-running: calls to “put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard” have never felt easier nor more worthwhile.


To all the readers, particularly to Eileen and her generosity of time post-event, and to Prue: thanks. You’re all hot tickets and safe bets.


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