On 10th October, fellow members of the Generative Constraints conference organising committee and I staged a performance as part of POLYply 26. This was hosted by the Contemporary Poetics Research Centre‘s regular series and saw much scampering, lobsterment and moribund (z)shushing.

POLYply 26

The theme of the evening was ‘Aphorisms’ and saw performances from Paul Buck, Vincent Dachy, Holly Pester and David Stent. This particular POLYply was run in association with Artwords Press and saw the launch of Vincent Dachy’s new book Scraps from the Bottom of my Pocket: Bywords in Flexions. Buy! Buy! Listen: buy.

Many thanks to Nik Wakefield, Diana Damian Martin, Prue Chamberlain and Nisha Ramayya, our inability to decide consistent pronunciations for ‘dramaturgy’, all the night’s performers and Drs. Kristen Kreider and Will Montgomery for puttingonupwithalong.

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