Camarade 61


In January I was excited to work with poet Maren Nygard for a new piece, performed at the 61st Camarade event at The Honeymoon bar in Apiary Studios. Other paired readers on the night included Lavinia Singer & Ella Frears, John Canfield & Joe Turrent, Simone Gilson & Claudia Juhre, Liddy Gilbert & James Caley, Maren Nygard & Eley Williams, Sarah Kelly & Iris Colomb, Prudence Chamberlain & SJ Fowler, Molly Bergin & Megan Haycock, Olga Kolesnikova & Richard Scott, Susie Campbell & Mike West, Keely Laufer & Emma Mackilligin, Julia Lewis & Annabel Banks, Clover Peake & Giovanna Coppola.

Our performance can be seen below, with many thanks to S J Fowler for the filming and the invitation.


Poems for Pacuare


Poems for Pacuare

I am very pleased to be part of the anthology Human Nature: Poems for Pacuare. Featuring a selection of  entries from the Pacuare Poetry Competition 2015,  all proceeds from sales of the book go towards funding The Pacuare Nature Reserve, a conservation project in Costa Rica dedicated to scientific research and environmental education. I am delighted to have a small piece in there and to help the reserve in this small way, with poetry alongside the winner of the competition Saradha Soobrayen and the work of other great writers including Drew Milne, Emily Critchley and Ian McEwen, Many thanks to Kat Addis for the editing, and for the initiative.