In April I was lucky enough to participate in ‘Drawing Breath’, an evening of live reading and art. To take the wording from its website (from which the pictures above are taken, shot by Karoliina Helosuo), the project set out to ‘stage an encounter between spoken and visual language through a set of simultaneous performances’; without any prior introduction, and with each reading lasting only five minutes, an artist would respond in real-time to a writer’s performed text in front of the audience. Nik Nightingale was the artist I was paired with: his beautiful response to my piece can be seen above!

Other writer-artist pairings on the night include Daisy Thurston-Gent & Zeel, Ella Frears & Aurélie Freoua, Lisa Luxx & Spike Zephaniah Stephenson, Patrick Cash & Paola Pinna, Matt Martin & Claudia Juhre, Becky Moses & Sebastian T. Sjöstrand, Andrew Wells & Sarah Dawson, Francis Byrne & Helen Wyatt, Keleigh Wolf & Valerie Pezeron, Tim Kiely & Francis Byrne & Spike Z. Stephenson

Many thanks to curator Iris Colomb, host Zorro Maplestone and to the Ziferblat space.


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