Lit Live!, Dec 2014


I’ll be reading new work as part of Lit Live!, an evening of prose and poetry put together by The Goldsmiths Writers’ Centre and Literary Kitchen. Held on Thursday December 11th, doors open at 7pm at The Peckham Pelican with readings starting at 7.30pm.

The roll-call includes poets, novelists and writers Barry Tench, Laura KayeCharlotte Heather, N J Hynes, James Chambers, Bex Barton, Rasp Thorne, Livia Franchini, Charlotte Barrow, Jeremy Worman, Sarah Leipciger, Alistair Roberts, William Wyld, Paul Carney, Nisha Ramayya, and Kate Potts.

Vanguard, Dec 2014


tumblr_nf4u4oGSIj1u3awqno1_r1_500Many thanks to Vanguard Poetry for their recent stop-over at Royal Holloway, University of London. From their website,

 Vanguard Poetry is, at its simplest, a van full of poets, poetry, and the means to engage with and create more poetry. More than this, it’s concerned with the social and political ramifications of poetry and the written word. We provide a space where these concerns are explored. In that spirit, we’re coming to you. The van is a moveable word-hoard, designed for us to go to the audience rather than expect them to come to us.


Not only was I lucky enough to read envannishly, but also I had a chance to participate in the great poetry workshop earlier in the day hosted by poet and activist Steve Willey and a raven on a hammer. Alongside undergraduates Maisie Gibson, Anna Darnena, Taha Hussein,  Rose Walker, Francesca King, Sabriena Loh Liling and Nikki Acquah, the van also provided a stage for poets Kei Miller  and Sean Bonney to read their work.

It was a real pleasure to read to such a great, attentive audience who were not deterred by rambunctious tarpaulins nor sub-zero temperatures. Thanks to Alex Davies and Steve for the great experience: above are some snaps of the event, courtesy of attendants and Alex.

Interrobang 2014



Another year of Interrobang, the music, literary and independent publishing festival based in London. I was working as MC for The Clove Hitch’s prose-poets, featuring Nisha Ramayya, Holly Corfield Carr, Kate Potts, Preti Taneja and Anna Kirk, and later reading with Annexe Introduces‘ authors Gary Budden, Gabriel Moreno and Charlotte Newman, and then again as part of S J Fowler‘s Camarade lineup.


Thanks to Nick Murray for organising the day, to The Clove Hitch’s writers for their great work and to Prue Chamberlain: you can see footage of our ongoing collaborative work below, with performances from the other Camaradauts available on the We Are Enemies video series.

Many thanks to the final year undergraduates at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama  for their time and attention this week, with Prue Chamberlain, Nisha Ramayya, Kate Potts and I leading a day of exercises and workshops as part of the Generative Constraints collective. Hosted by Diana Damian Martin, the day concentrated upon the joists and grist shared between poetics and performance: featuring curated and created cut-ups, improvised dictionaries, écriture féminine, measured breathing and freshly Labradorean work, it was a privilege to work with the year group and be part of their term’s activities.

photo 1

I’ll be reading with other poets, writers and practitioners as part of this year’s Small Publishers Fair, based at the Conway Hall in Bloomsbury on Friday and Saturday 14th-15th November. This annual event gives space to an international selection of over 60 creators and publishers to showcase their wares and launch new work – as well as names such as X Marks the Bökship, Veer,  Shearsman and The Saison Poetry Library, these range from Akerman Daly and Alex Czinczel (The Chinchilla) in London, the Netherlands’ Knust, MIEL  from Belgium, Canada’s Perro Verlag to Yasushi Cho / Laughter from Tokyo.


As well as stalls and exhibitions, there are a number of talks and readings on the Saturday in the main hall and the Brockway Room. I will be reading with the Royal Holloway cohort including Bob T. Bright, Carrie Foulkes, Robert Hampson and Prue Chamberlain at 4pm. Free!


I’ll be reading with Prue Chamberlain this evening as support act for Tom O. C. Wilson’s Freeze Puppy and the launch of his new album The Night Attendant.

All taking place downstairs at the Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon: doors at 8.30pm, £5

Tom Wilson
The Night Attendant: tuneful and unpredictable in equal measure, drawing upon the classic pop songwriting tradition (Lennon and McCartney, Brian Wilson / Van Dyke Parks), the exuberance of contemporary jazz (Denys Baptiste, John Hollenbeck) and the radical experimentalism of modern classical composition (Harry Partch, Gyorgy Ligeti)


Camaradefest II



‘Camaradefest is a unique showcase of the breadth and depth of 21st century literary and avant garde poetry and the potential of collaboration in the poetic arts.’

This Saturday 25th October, SJ Fowler will be hosting 100 poets and their head-buttings for a day of poetry and collaboration. Come for the coupling, stay for the jousts. I’ll be reading with Prue Chamberlain as part of the 2pm slot.


£FREE! from noon at the Richmix centre. Here’s the full line-up, with links to their work or further information.

 – 12noon -
John Clegg & Holly Corfield Carr
Nick Murray & Aki Schilz
Sarah Dawson & Robin Boothroyd
Jonah Wilberg & Lucy Furlong
Vera Chok & Sophie Herxheimer
Jon Stone & Harry Wooler
Paul Hawkins & Mali Clements
Cali Dux & Simon Pomery
Angus Sinclair & Laura Elliott
​Ross Sutherland & Thomas Bunstead

- 2pm
George Szirtes & Carol Watts
Gareth Rees & Gary Budden
Robert Kiely & Doug Jones
Mike Saunders & Emilia Weber
​Tamar Yoseloff & Claire Crowther​
Andy Spragg & Emma Hammond
Alan Halsey & Geraldine Monk
Nia Davies & Sarah Howe
Tim Allen & Richard Barrett
Prudence Chamberlain & Eley Williams

- 4pm
Hannah Silva & Andra Symons
Harry Man & Kirsten Irving
Vicky Sparrow & Dave Spittle​
Agnes Lehoczky & Astrid Alben
Stephen Watts & Cristina Viti​​
Isobel Dixon & Claire Trévien
Ollie Evans & Becky Varley-Winter​
Rebecca Tamas & Martin Jackson
Sarah Kelly & Seekers of Lice
Jow Lindsay & Anne Laure Coxam

Colin Herd & Iain Morrison
Marcus Slease & JT Welsch​
​James Wilkes & Ariadne Radi Cor
Edmund Hardy & Amy Cutler
Sophie Collins & Livia Franchini
​Nikolai Duffy & Rhys Trimble
Ryan Van Winkle & Ghazal Mosadeq
Calum Rodger & Anthony Autumn
Cristine Brache & Holly Childs
Lila Matsumoto & Samantha Walton

- 9pm -
James Davies & Philip Terry
Nathan Jones & Christodoulos Makris​​​​​​​
​Zuzana Husarova & Olga Pek​
​David Berridge & Stephen Emmerson​
Alison Gibb & Kimberley Campanello
Sean Bonney & nick-e melville
​Luke Allan & Graeme Smith​
Sam Riviere & Crispin Best
James Byrne & Sandeep Parmar
​Holly Pester & Emma Bennett



Video of our piece, with some of the great performances available at SJ Fowler’s blogpost:


LitCrawl 2014



Hosted by Literary Kitchen as part of LitCrawl, I’ll be performing with 14 writers at the Peckham Pelican on 11th October – doors open 7.30pm for an hour of poetry and flash fiction. With Andrew Alston as master of ceremonies, the evening’s title is ‘Sex Flash Marathon’ so please bring your maiden aunt; other performers  include the brilliant Alice Furse, Francis Gilbert, Prudence  Chamberlain, Ella Frears, William Wyld, Claudia Turkington, William Jamieson, Rachel Long, Simon Bill, Seraphima Kennedy, Jacob Sam La Rose, Inua Ellams, Amy Key, Thomas Darby and music from Trevor John.

This comes at the end of a day of literary and arts events in the area. The White Review is also hosting an event concurrently with Emily Berry, Luke Brown, Kit Buchan, Holly Pester and Zoe Pilger - – – if the above Sex Pelicans don’t appeal, please do make it to the Peckham Springs Café for what will be a fascinating evening.

High, There


If you’re free and enjoy sleeping-bags, 800ft glass structures and a troublesomely heavy purse, please do come by to DoingSomething’s sleepover at The View from The Shard on Saturday 13th September.

Shard Sleep

The evening invites participants to bump into one another and be pleasantly distracted by talks, music, a sky-trained Royal Observatory telescope and a midnight feast, all seen from Western Europe’s highest building. The option is also there to ascend to a limited number of bell tents and sleep at the partially-exposed top of The Shard for bedtime stories, boggling and breakfast. B&B&B, etc.

I’ll be reading alongside the band Peggy Sue and members of Toby Brother’s London Literary Salon, including ghost stories and more from Ben Gwalchmai. It’d be great to see you there.


view from Shard, via Nick Constantinou's Twitter

view from The Shard the next morning, via Nick Constantinou‘s Twitter

Structo 12


Independent literary magazine Structo is very pretty. I would happily frame, coo over and have every back issue tattooed upon my face etc etc if I wasn’t quite so uneasy with the spelling of ‘tattooed’. Structo: it’s a natty thing.

As well as being champions of new writing, previous issues have included interviews with Evie Wyld, the late Iain M. Banks and Stella Duffy. I’m very pleased to have a short piece in its forthcoming Issue 12. Its launch will be on 18th August at The Society Club and will feature readings from contributors if you’re in the neighbourhood; as a teaser, I know that the journal includes an interview with Margaret Atwood illustrated by the fantastic printmaker Jade They. Please do check out her work, and Structosnaffle generally.

Margaret Atwood

Atwood, linocut-in-progress by Jade They

Photos of the night below, courtesy of Euan Monaghan.

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