A new issue of Chemical Imbalances sees a new submission from me; this edition is split between Fiction and Art Writing and my entry ‘MARKS THE SPOT’ can be found nestling in the latter category, playing around with mirror-writing and the boss-eyetry of reading.

picture courtesy of www.chemicalimbalances.wordpress.com

Amongst a great array of pieces there’s some particularly fine work from Will Barrett and Amos Micah Howe to be found here – now freshly available in the ICA bookshop, go swoop up a copy while they’re still on the shelves: as you can see, front cover features art by Catherine Williams (yes, that one again). It’s worth mentioning that editor Matt Lomas,  whose work also features in this edition, takes his pen, personage and persiflage to Berlin this month: we wish him many happy bumbles in die Stadt and viele Teutonic adventures.