Those fragrant and comely beasts over at Days of Roses have very kindly plugged my story ‘Channel Light Vessel Automatic’ on their site.


The Shipping Forecast

Written for the new audio magazine 4’33” the piece is told from the standpoint of a Radio 4 continuity announcer who decides to improvise during their regular Shipping Forecast slot. If you scroll down a bit on the site it should crop up at number 25 – I hope you enjoy it. It was recorded by 4’33” director Mike Wendling in my front room in Ealing with plummy RP voice very much in attendance – among the other great submissions, Mike also has a story up there into which I thoroughly recommend you plug your cochleas.

Note: Image courtesy of Willow Fabrics, where you can buy a needlepoint kit to stitch your very own Shipping Areas. Pretty neat.