When I wuz but a wee scamp, I remember being knocked sideways by Michael Morpurgo’s The War of Jenkins’ Ear. Side-note: I have an uncomfortable feeling that it was this book and Brian Jacques’ Redwall series that set the idea of studying theology into my head — probably no bad thing that an interest in the writing side of things won out by the time I hit second year at University (turns out Kant, Kirkegaard and Hume have a disappointingly low number of sabre-wielding weasels). ANYWAY, this fact makes it just un petit peu smashing to have the very same Morpurgo comment on my piece ‘Platform’, placed 2nd in the Franco British Council’s short story competition (19-25 year category).

Congratulations to Iona Carmichael and Lucy Bingham for winning their categories, and thanks to the FBC for providing the opportunity. Stories were encouraged to engage with  ‘some aspect of France or the French’ and to take a series of provided quotations from French literature as their inspiration: I plumped for ‘Art must take reality by surprise’ from Françoise Sagan. Please find the story below – needless to say, all glaring errors as per French, the French, crass stereotypes and Parisian geography are entirely my own, and embarrasing.

Text available on the Council’s website, and on Prospect magazine’s online repository.