Putting the PEN into PENGUIN, etc

Marcus Speh’s writing blog has an arresting premise: This is a site for stranded penguins, not people. Our goal is to write 1,000 stories and then auction the entire site off for 1,000,000,000 dollars which will be used to preserve the world’s penguin population — please submit your own photos to be accompanied by original flash fiction.

Never one to deny a penguin, I submitted a photo and waited to see what story it would inspire – on 12th of  May, its prosey counterpart had appeared on the site. Nice.

Speh has created a number of interesting online writing communities (including kaffe in katmandu and his personal blog ‘nothing to flawnt’); he seems a real advocate of collaborative virtual spaces and the up-poppery of short stories, with an enviable amount of energy and talent – definitely one to make space for in your Bookmarks folder.